Goodbye antibiotics - Welcome probiotics!

An intelligent reaction by nature to the non-intelligent behavior of people: the nosocomial germ MRSA


MRSA* as a bacterial disease that is spread worldwide is not a mere freak of nature, but rather one of the biggest challenges in medicine today. It represents the intelligent behavior of bacteria which, after a decade-long fight against carelessly prescribed antibiotics, have now learned how to respond back to them. In fact, this relation is well-known to any first-year university student from his biology and bacteriology classes.

Why it is not taken into account when prescribing medicine in their later professional lives is a socio-political question that is beyond the scope of this discussion.

It is a fact that due to even more refined survival techniques, Staphylococcus mutates much faster than pharmacological research can respond to with developments of new and effective antibiotics. Experts cannot contradict this scientific fact – at the moment, there are fewer than 3 antibiotics that can be used in cases of this potentially fatal disease – with no new developments in sight.

In these times, it is of utmost importance to be open to alternative treatments. Alternative treatments exist all over the world, primarily in traditional, ethnic and natural medicine.

In Europe, traditional medicine consists mainly of plant medicine (phytotherapy), which was researched and described by Dr. Zimpel. Today, 88 different medical plants for the body, mind and soul of humankind can be used in the form of spagyric preparations.

With the help of these medical plants, MRSA was healed several times by now. Simple, fast, without side effects and at low costs.

After having informed all medical universities in Germany researching in the field of infectology, bacteriology and MRSA, it seems that a larger-scale entry into clinical research will not happen as fast as demand by patients for treating their MRSA with medical plants grows.

Because of the urgency of the MRSA situation, we cannot await confirmation by science. For this reason, we are now offering an alternative treatment without side effects for anyone who is interested . At the same time, we are working on establishing a large-scale clinical study that will confirm this alternative treatment as effective and free of side effects.


* MRSA stands for “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus”. It is a pathogenic (disease causing) bacterium, which is resistant to all kinds of antibiotics and can’t therefore be treated with orthodox medicine.